Who We Are. . .

We are the multi-use space set in Hackney Central with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere giving customers a welcoming feeling.

We have two in-house brands; Yoga-Lab & Beaut Box and we also hire out the space, the concept is designed to bring local people together, to build a space which they feel you could be part of, from hiring it to presenting your artwork, fashion collections or to sell your products.

Visit us at Beaux Box for relaxing beauty treatments and hair dressing needs, we have two friendly and talented resident hair stylist’s, who are inspired by trends and who are also very creative, leaving you feeling and looking great.

Wait for your appointment in the court yard garden or at the breakfast bar in the front with a cup of great local roasted coffee. Here it’s all about comfort,  get your pedicure done on a leather Queen Anne Chesterfield armchair and your manicures on soft leather chairs.

We also have two treatment rooms in which we offer a range of luxurious and special facial treatments.

yoga-lab-logo-lightFeaturing at HCS is Yoga-Lab, the design is multi-functional, working as a salon during the day and yoga in the evening and mornings, however Sunday and Monday’s we run classes throughout the day.

Classes start from 7.30 am and run until 10 am, then start up again from 7.30 pm. Yoga takes place in the main area, the blinds at the window goes down changing the urban location to a peaceful to in a simplistic yoga studio. The studio is bright, clean and simplistic.

The studio is designed with the environment in mind, from the cork flooring which has many benefits for the environment and for practicing yoga, as it is warm, soft and anti-bacterial.

. . .So all you need to feel good is all under one roof, making life more convenient.